Today kicks off another round of Winter Weather here in Western New York and you should brace yourself for some very cold temperatures.

Today, much of Western New York is under Winter Weather Advisory until tomorrow morning at 1 AM. We will see snow and freezing rain across the region.

Then the cold comes. Towards the end of the week, we will see the temperature dip down.

For Thursday and Friday, we are looking at highs of only 19 degrees, and then at night, we could see single-digit temperatures.

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The National Weather Service in Buffalo is predicting a low of 9 degrees for Saturday. Yes, only 9 degrees for your Saturday night!

This will be well below the average temperature for Buffalo.

The averages for Buffalo in the month of January are a high of 31 degrees with a low of 20 degrees.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Buffalo in the month of January was on January 17, 1958. It was -16 degrees. It was also tied for the 3rd coldest day in Buffalo history.

Of course, it is Western New York and we will see a warmup next week. We could see a high of 43 degrees for Thursday, February 4.

That is a swing of 34 degrees in less than a week.

So make sure you are extra careful on the roads this week and if you plan on doing any outdoor activities make sure you are bundled up.


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