Everyone dreams of having the perfect wedding day, and to have something that sets them aside from every other bride and groom. One bride took beating the competition to "new heights" I guess you could say.

The story comes from WKBW and Simplemost.com, An extreme sports enthusiast, Chirine Sabaiti Mahmassani, wanted to show up on her wedding day in a way that reflected her personality and love for adventure,  and man did she ever. Mahmassani entered the wedding ceremony by floating down from the sky by strapping herself to 250 white helium balloons. If that isn't crazy enough, she did it all without rehearsal!

I've been to a lot of weddings, but never has anything happened that would top this.

The wedding took place a few years ago, but the videos are making there way around the internet now. If you wanna check out the videos and some cool pictures, Click Here!


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