2020 has been a trying year with a pandemic, a presidential election and social unrest. But that has not stopped thieves from trying to take things you own.

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It may also be time to increase the lighting around your home as well. The time changed has made the darkness fall earlier in our part of the United States. Thieves who work after dark can get a head start this time of the year. Lighting can be a helpful tool to keep thieves from attempting to open your car doors or entering your home. The motion activated lights are not only more energy efficient, but they also are helpful to be a useful tool against crime around your house.

When it comes to your vehicle, a former police detective told me once that you should keep the spare change out of your car or truck. Often it is what a thief can see that urges them to break in. Spare change or valuables that are visible are a big target.

When someone takes your things or breaks in to your house or car, you feel violated. Even if there was nothing taken. It is worth the extra effort to avoid that feeling and keep criminals at bay.

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