The celebration continues for two Buffalo-born folks who have hit it big in Hollywood (and New York City).

A few weeks ago, Jillian Hanesworth and Augustus Clarke won an Emmy for the NFL Network / NFL 360 documentary Still Here.

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At the 45th Annual Sports Emmy Awards that took place on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at Frederick P. Rose Hall in New York City's Lincoln Center, both Hanesworth and Clarke were on stage to accept the prestigious award for the documentary story that highlights the resiliency that Western New York had shown in the aftermath of several heartbreaking events that marred Buffalo throughout 2022. From the May 14th tragedy to the nearly 50 people who died in the Blizzard of 2022, Buffalo was hit hard and knocked down, but got back up and stood tall afterwards.

Since then, Clarke and Hanesworth have returned to Western New York to show off their awards and let members of the Buffalo community share in the glory of the victory. Part of that regional tour landed the duo in Albany, New York, at the New York State Capitol to receive honors from members of the New York State Legislature.

It's not often that two Buffalo Kids are honored in such a way, so this is a very big deal for Hanesworth and Clarke, but also for all of the 716.

This is Hanesworth's first Emmy win, and she is also Buffalo's Poet Laureate Emeritus. We're sure this isn't the last one for her.

Clarke is no stranger to the Emmy, as this is the second Emmy Award he's earned for his skills behind the camera.

Congratulations to two of Buffalo's finest.

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