If you happen to be driving around the Empire State like this, here's a heads-up because the New York State Police are looking for you and they're not likely to take it easy on you either.

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New York officials have been having some serious issues lately when it comes to cars, roads, tolls, and all of the things that come in association to motor vehicles.

Whether it's the Thruway Authority being owed hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid tolls, the fact that state officials want to increase tolls fees before they collect what they're already due, or the continued issues we're having with our plates peeling and potential for getting a ticket for having damaged plates, the state is just not seeming to be doing a good job in keeping things together.

To that end, it seems that New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and New York State Police are having another, more serious, problem with license plates in the Empire State

Fake License Plates Are Becoming a Real Problem In New York State

According to officials from the DMV, an investigation into the use of fake and fraudulent license plates was conducted by the DMV, New York State Police, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, NYPD Highway Patrol, the the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission, the NYC Sheriff, the Albany County Sheriff, and the City of Utica Police Department. They found that there are a large number of license plates in use throughout the Empire State.

So far in 2023 more than 400 tickets have been issued and nearly 40 vehicles have been towed due to fake or illegal plates.

By using fake plates, not only are these criminals trying to circumvent the system to avoid paying tolls, but many of them are also trying to evade law enforcement to avoid serious penalties, traffic drugs, or perpetuate other criminal activity. This recklessness puts the public at risk, and it will not be tolerated. State Police will continue to work with the DMV and our local law enforcement partners, to stop these blatant violators, and hold them accountable.
-Steven A. Nigrelli, Acting Superintendent of the New York State Police.

I know that it really feels like I am seeing more plates that look like they don't belong on cars in New York. It's good that something is being done about it.

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