When it comes to the real estate market, the last few years have treated Buffalo and Western New York pretty well when compared to other parts of the nation. Even with rising rents and home prices, the 716 has had one of the hottest housing markets in the entire country.

While increased home mortgage interest rates cooled the market off a little towards the end of 2023, all indicators point to Buffalo having another record real estate year in 2024.

We've seen all sorts of great houses hit the market over the last year. However, there is one house in the 716 that once belonged to one of our area's most prominent residents, and it's now available for one of us to own. If you're in the market for a pretty urban, unique estate, then the George Urban House might be the one for you.

Who Was George Urban?

You may have driven down the street that is named after him for years and have never known the contributions that George Urban, Jr. (and the entire Urban family) have made to Buffalo and Western New York.

From George Urban Sr., who owned a grocery store on Main and Genesee Street in downtown Buffalo in the mid-1800s, to the Urban Milling Company, the first electric-powered mill. The roots of the Urban family go back to the beginnings of Buffalo.

The George Urban Estate Is On The Market

Originally settled and built in 1841, the Urban family built their estate, which included a farm on Pine Hill in Cheektowaga. Pine Hill was later renamed Pine Ridge Road in 1893. The Urban's held most of their land, which was more than 120 acres, until the 1930s and 1940s when portions of the land were sold off to create different subdivisions, Cheektowaga Town Park, and a portion of Scajaquada Creek was redirected and filled in.

New York Public Library
New York Public Library

Now, the estate has about 1.4 acres with a huge house that's more than 7,000 sq ft.

The current George Urban House features 7 bedrooms, more than 5 bathrooms, a 6-car garage, an indoor pool with sauna, and tennis courts. You can own all of this for just $949,500. Seems like a steal to me, owning a piece of Buffalo history for less than $1 million, I think it's time for us to put an offer on the place.

I've been inside this beautiful home many times over the years. You can check out some photos of it below.

Check Out The George Urban House For Sale in Cheektowaga

The housing market in Buffalo and Western New York is booming, and while there are tons of great houses on the market to check out, there happens to be one house that is a part of Western New York history, and you can own it.

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

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