New York is once again bracing for possible poor air quality as the wildfires in Canada continue to burn bringing mass amounts of smoke throughout the state.

New York has already experienced several days of extremely poor air quality due to the wildfires across Canada.

Some heavy dense smoke is sitting just West of New York State and that smoke is expected to impact the state later this week and could cause air quality concerns.

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Here are some tips to help limit the amount of smoke that enters your home or business.

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Keep windows and doors closed.
Use fans and air conditioning to stay cool.
Avoid activities that create more fine particles indoors, including:
Smoking cigarettes. Using gas, propane, or wood-burning stoves and furnaces.
Don't use Spraying aerosol products, or burn candles and incense.
Don't vacuum, unless you use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

To see the latest wildfire smoke map click HERE.

Unbelievable Time Lapse of Wildfire Smoke Consuming New York City

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