If there is a business that exists these days, chances are, someone has given it an online review.  Yes, that even applies to prisons.

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How much time do people have on their hands these days?  I can't even imagine having enough that I would choose to go online and review a prison.  Whether I was there or not, the last thing I want to do is go online and tell people why I was there.  It's not like they'll get a choice anyway.  Once they say you're going to jail...you go to jail.  You don't get to book your favorite destination.

They go by all kinds of names: Correctional facility, jail, prison, the big house...but they all mean the same thing.  Everyone knows what it means when they say you're going to jail.  You're getting locked up for a bit.

I was surprised by how many reviews there were.  Whether they were real or not some of these people have gotten pretty creative with their reviews too.  They talk about everything from the accommodations to the food and even compare the officers to the "staff."  Some are from the prisoner's perspective, some are from the visitor's perspective.

I was actually surprised about two things here...

1) that there were actually reviews of correctional facilities and

2) they were super entertaining.

Sadly they weren't all hilarious reviews.  Many wrote about mistreatment, poor conditions, and abuses of power.  But some talked about how being in some of those facilities really did change them for life.  And some were downright hilarious.  These are all reviews that were on Google or Yelp, so if you want the full review, you can find them there. There wasn't room to put some of them on these slides in their entirety.

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