OJ Simpson is serving a 33 year prison term for burglary, assault, robbery and kidnapping.  Sounds terrible, right?  According to a report on Inside Edition, OJ Simpson might not have it as bad as you'd think.

When you think jail, chances are, you think cold empty cells with bars and hard labor.

That's not the picture that's painted with this report.  They say that OJ is treated like a celebrity at the prison where he's serving his time in Nevada.  He even gets to cut lines for food and has a 13" TV in his cell.

He spends his time taking care of the gym equipment and coaching softball.


Simpson is up for parole next week and is hoping to be paroled.  If he should fail, his next chance will be when he is 75 years old in 2022.

Let's be honest, I still wouldn't want to trade my freedom for these little luxuries in jail.

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