The power of technology.

I got to watch Jake Owen play a few songs on his bus after he got done with a show in Salt Lake City last night, and he gave Buffalo a shout out all the way from Utah, as well as a little inside scoop on his finger and the (not-so-well) healing of it.

If you were up late enough (or early enough) you got to hear him cover some Garth Brooks LIVE with us.

This is the pic where he was showing what his injured hand looks like.

Rob Banks

It's hard to see, but underneath his nail, that white thing is actually his bone that didn't heal right.

Rob Banks

Take a listen to the audio:

If you missed the details on exactly WHY his finger looks like that -- Jake was go-karting with NASCAR buddies Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer this summer when he got in quite a serious accident that required some emergency surgery.

P.S. I find out when you guys find out about the Taste Of Country lineup -- so, I have no clue who's coming. But, if it were up to me, I would have him. #JakeOwenForTOC