This past week, the announced their picks for the Top 25 Quarterbacks of all-time and the former Buffalo Bills great made the list.

Jim Kelly was named the 21st greatest QB of all time.

Here is the reason why selected Kelly for the list:

Put the four Super Bowl losses aside. Sure, Kelly and the Bills’ offense didn’t play great in any of those contests. But what about all the playoff games to get them there? Kelly was a leader who, unfortunately, doesn’t own the stats to stand up to some of the other top passers of his era. One reason is because he spent his first three seasons playing in the USFL. Check that, he was lighting up the USFL. The second reason? Remember that Kelly was throwing passes in November and December in Buffalo. While it provided the Bills an incredible home-field advantage, it didn’t exactly lead to racking up fantasy points.

Overall, Kelly was ranked behind his biggest rival Dan Marino who was #7 on the list. Current New England QB Tom Brady edged out Joe Montana for the overall Top spot.

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