The Buffalo Bills and their fanbase are second to none when it comes to showing people love.  This past weekend an NFL commentator recognized that.

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Fans of the Buffalo Bills are called the Bills Mafia.  It's something that they've been doing for years now.  But when it comes to charity and giving to others, they're not nearly as intimidating as they might sound.

Who is Jim Nantz?

People who follow sports know the name Jim Nantz.  He's been a commentator for all kinds of sports for years now.  You've heard his voice and seen his face on sidelines of football games, basketball games, and even golf matches for decades now.

When it comes to football, along with his partner Tony Romo, he makes up one of the #1 broadcast teams in the sport.

Jim Nantz says "The Bills are the best."

When they're in the booth, commentators are supposed to stay impartial.  Their calls shouldn't be biased toward one team or the other.  But when speaking candidly, it's ok to mention why you think one team or the other is "the best."

That's what Jim Nantz did this weekend when he was in Rochester, New York as part of the broadcast team for the PGA Tournament that took place at Oak Hill Country Club.

Upon seeing Josh Allen come to see him, Nantz sang the praises not only of Josh Allen but also the entire Bills Mafia for their support after his mom passed away.

He said that not only did it have an impact on him that after his mom passed, not only did Josh Allen reach out with his condolences, but the entire management team came up to the booth before the game to do the same.

Then he received a bunch of donations in his mom's name to an Alzheimer's research center that is in his dad's name.

There are plenty of people out there that would argue that Bills fans go a little far with their donations, but obviously, it makes an impact on people.  There are people who will never forget their generosity.

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