Tired of all the bad news that gets delivered day after day?  Looking for some good news?  That's what John Krasinski has started to deliver.  And for fans of The Office, there's even more good news.

He calls it "Some Good News" or SGN and he started the ball rolling last week with a simple tweet:

It's a news station that is designed to simply deliver good news stories.

The internet is breaking because of it.  Not only are people anxious to hear good news, they're even more excited to share theirs.

Oh..and the good news for fans of 'The Office?'  The first episode includes an interview with John Krasinski's former TV boss, Steve Carrell!

Got some good news?  Share it with John Krasinski and see if he will feature it on his show.  Use the hashtag #SomeGoodNews and tweet your goodness to @johnkrasinski.

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