It's not every day that you find a current or former Boston player sporting a Buffalo sports shirt.  But it happened today, and there's even a picture!

There has been a long rivalry between Buffalo professional sports, and Boston professional sports.  There's no question that it stems from Buffalo being dominated in football with the Patriots, and some tight games in hockey with the Bruins. Whenever Buffalo fans will be in the same building as Boston fans, it will be intense.  So when you see a former Boston player wearing Buffalo colors and logos, people tend to take notice.

Johnny Damon was seen wearing a Buffalo Bills polo

Today, one former Boston player stepped up to rep the Buffalo Bills.  That player is former Boston Red Sox and baseball great Johnny Damon.

Damon is in town for a good cause

Damon is well-known for his rock-star looks while playing with the Sox.  He was sporting long hair and a scruffy beard while he was there.  Then he changed over to a cleaned-up look after going to the New York Yankees.

Today, he was back to his scruffy beard and slicked back long hair while he supported Jim Kelly's foundation, "Hunter's Hope" for the Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic. It's a celebrity golf tournament that is attended by athletes, actors, and other celebrities to help raise money for "Hunter's Hope."

Johnny Damon is a curse breaker

Before 2004, the Boston Red Sox were never able to "get over the hump" to win a championship for 86 years.  It was one of the longest championship slumps ever.  Very much like the Bills, they could just never win the big one.

They called it the "Curse of the Bambino."  It was named after Babe Ruth (also known as "The Great Bambino") who played for the Sox before having his contract sold to the New York Yankees in 1920.  Before that they had won multiple championships inlcuding their final one in 1918.  People wondered after Ruth left if they would ever be able to win a championship ever again.

It was the World Series of 2004 when it was finally broken.  The Sox found a way with Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon to overcome the 3-0 series lead that the Yankees had on them to come back and win the American League Championship.  It's the first time any team in major league history to come back from a three-game postseason deficit.  They went on to win the championship that year and break the "Curse of the Bambino."

Is this the year that the Bills go on to break whatever curse is keeping them from winning the big one?  Maybe Johnny Damon was able to help them with that.

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