Don’t play with our emotions like this. 

There are some things that are beyond the point of humor, and right now, it is not the time to be making jokes or potential hypotheticals in regards to our star quarterback. 

Many people saw a tweet and got scared because they thought it was legit, especially because it was posted by someone who appeared to be in the Bills Mafia.

And the Bills Mafia knows how serious this is, which is why they would never make a fake tweet. 


Here’s what the tweet said: 

“BREAKING NEWS #Bills QB Josh Allen has opted for surgery. Choosing to “take a couple weeks for recovery now, rather than wait” Allen is looking forward to playing without those extra dawgs in him. “There’s just simply too many in there right now and it’s causing a problem”

This tweet is fake, so do not be alarmed. 

If you go to @savage__trish’s Twitter bio, it says “The Onion of Bills Football,” meaning yes, this tweet is meant to be satirical. 

Normally though, satire is funny, and there was nothing amusing about this tweet. It caused panic for Bills fans and worry for Josh Allen’s health. 

According to ClutchPoints, the Buffalo Bills received hopeful news in regards to Josh Allen’s elbow following the loss against the Vikings.  

Jon Scott, a reporter for the Buffalo Bills Beat, shared some of Coach McDermott’s comments from a post-game interview on Twitter in regards to the injury. McDermott reportedly said Josh Allen “came out of the game in a good spot,” but he was still day-to-day as of the last update from the Buffalo Bills.  

Things are looking promising as we go into this weekend against the Cleveland Browns.

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