It was Josh Allen's birthday and he got a pagpiper for his birthday.

Some of Josh Allen's friends (and the Bills) called in a favor from the Buffalo Firefighters Bagpipers! He was golfing with fellow quarterback Mitch Trubisky and others at Crag Burn golf course in East Aurora. I mean, what do you get a guy who has a contract worth more than $258,034,000.

When he rolled up in the cart to the hole, he was confused why there were all of these cameras there. Then appeared Mike Kick, dressed in full kilt just waiting.

That's when it hit Josh that Kick was waiting for him to start swinging to start playing 'Happy Birthday'. It's hilarious. Josh is a great sport. Check out the video below.

Buffalo Firefighters wrote on Instagram: "Happy Birthday Josh from the Buffalo Firefighters! Don't mind our piper Lt. Mike Kick of the Greater Buffalo Pipes and Drums Band!"

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