This week has been one of the worst to endure as a Buffalo sports fan. There's no way to sugarcoat what happened at the end of Sunday's AFC Divisional Round game -- it flat-out felt terrible.

We all know what happened by now against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Buffalo Bills now begin the off-season with many questions left unanswered about who will return to the team for the 2022 campaign and who will not.

One player who will be back, and will be for many years to come, is Bills superstar quarterback Josh Allen.

Sunday night might have been the best example of the fact that wins are not a quarterback stat.

Allen completed 27 of 37 passes for 329 yards and 4 touchdowns, with another 68 yards rushing. He went the length of the field, not once, but twice near the end of the 4th quarter to give the Bills two go-ahead touchdown passes to Gabriel Davis.

Josh converted multiple third downs on the first drive, which went 17 plays. He also converted two 4th downs, the second coming on the 27-yard touchdown pass to Davis on 4th and 13.

We haven't even talked about the insane 2-point conversion to Stefon Diggs, or the 75-yard touchdown pass to Davis in the 3rd quarter.

The Bills may have lost, but one thing happened on Sunday...there's zero debate, Josh Allen is one of the top 2-3 quarterbacks in the NFL and one of the best players period. He's right there with Patrick Mahomes and they will be ruling the AFC Conference for the next decade.

Big Ditch Brewing Company shared a pretty incredible story this week regarding Allen. They say that vendors from all over there country have reached out to them to just tell them the Bills have the best quarterback in the NFL, and that they wish they had him on their team...

How cool is that? I've also had a ton of friends who are not from Buffalo, reach out to me through text or Twitter that Allen is amazing.

Say it often Bills Mafia, Buffalo has one of the top quarterbacks on the planet, playing for your team.

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