The NFL Draft is coming up.  Following the weekend at the NFL Combine everyone has their favorites.  Josh Allen even tweeted out who he hoped the Bills would pick.

There really never is an off-season for Bills fans.  That's half the fun of NFL football.  If they aren't playing, we're getting excited about camp, pre-season, free agency, and the draft.  Right now the focus is on the last two.

The Bills are expected to make at least one big splash this year considering they are in "win-now" mode.  They're hoping to make a run for the Super Bowl this year and have a legit chance of making it if this off-season goes as planned.

The NFL Combine happened this past weekend with some of the biggest hopefuls showing off their skills.  So obviously people have been chiming in on who they wish their team would draft on April 28th.  Even Bills quarterback Josh Allen spoke up and said who he wished the Bills would take...

The video is obviously a joke considering that none of these people are actually NFL prospects and one of them isn't even a real person (the one that Josh has his fingers crossed for).

We will find out who the Bills actually choose on April 28th (unless they trade down to gather more picks).  They are set right now to choose at the 25th position in the draft.  People are wondering why they're even considering a wide receiver there.  They forget that we could be losing a bunch this off-season.  Emmanuel Sanders is a free agent and is considering retirement.  Cole Beasley has been given permission to seek a trade.  We aren't sure what's going to happen with Isaiah McKenzie.

If you're thinking about the future, a wide receiver isn't a horrible choice.  Do we have other needs?  Absolutely we do.  Offensive and defensive line would be great picks.  Another cornerback to play opposite Tre'Davious White or behind Levi Wallace would be great.  We have plenty of places to go with that #25 pick.  The good news is, that at this point, a quarterback is one of our least concerns.

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