Josh Allen is a big, big fan of golf.

He’s really good, too.

In fact, he joined the Oak Hill Country Club—the host of the 2023 PGA Championship. Josh was spotted every day at the PGA Championship in Rochester, along with a ton of other Buffalo Bills, but it was 4-days that Josh Allen wasn’t going to miss.

He didn’t go unnoticed as well. Allen signed tons of autographs and took a lot of pictures with fans throughout the tournament.

Though, apparently not EVERYONE knows Josh Allen. Or they are just simply very good at their jobs.

A listener sent us this video of Josh Allen getting a little mad. He seemed to be having a hard time getting into the PGA Partner Village, which was located by hole #15 over the weekend. The listener said they denied him at first. You can see the video below.

How do you not just let the guy in?!?

The event was one for the records book in Rochester, New York. Although Brooks Koepka captured his 3rd PGA Championship and 5th major win, he was not the story people are going to ultimately remember. It is the story of Michael Block, the golf instructor at a public course from California that people were drawn to this weekend as he kept up with the ‘big boys’, recorded an ace as he was grouped with Rory McIlroy, and became an absolute fan-favorite.

Block broke down a few times during the tournament in awe of some of the things that he was experiencing at 46 years old.

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