This weekend the Buffalo Bills saw a lot of major National League Football awards handed out to other players, but Josh Allen did something that no Bills player has done since Thurman Thomas back in 1991.

This past football season provided members of the Bills mafia with a lot of things the team hasn't done in years. From winning the AFC East to winning a playoff game it was a banner year for the Bills.

Keeping up with the trend Josh Allen did something that no other Buffalo Bills player has done since 1991. He picked up votes for the NFL MVP Award.

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Now Allen didn't win the award, Green Bay's Aaron Rogers did, but the fact that he received 4 votes, two more than 3rd place finisher Patrick Mahomes, means he did something that hasn't happen here in Western New York in a long time.

The last time a Buffalo Bills player picked up any NFL MVP votes was back in 1991 when Thurman Thomas won the award. That year, Thomas picked up 39 votes to win the award after he ended the season with over 1400 rushing yards, 600 receiving yards, and 12 total touchdowns.

That year, Bills quarterback Jim Kelly also received NFL MVP votes. He came in 2nd place behind Thomas picking up 18 votes.

Hopefully, with Allen being seen as an MVP on the national stage, the Bills will be primed to be in the playoffs for a long time with a couple of Super Bowl wins in the mix too.

This year, Allen finished the season with over 4500 passing yards and 37 touchdowns to go along with 421 rushing yards and 8 rushing touchdowns.


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