Training camp is underway for the Buffalo Bills, and it seems like tension may be on the rise.

Maybe it’s the preseason jitters, the anticipation of the first game of the season being against the previous Super Bowl champs, or maybe it’s the pressure from the city and Bills Mafia for this year to be our year. 

Less than a week into training camp, there was an altercation between two Buffalo Bills players during a practice run. 

Josh Allen. Jordan Phillips. 

While running one of the drills up the line, Josh Allen took a snap. He tried to make his way up the middle, heading to the end zone, and Allen made it all the way to the two-yard line before they heard the whistle. 

A second or so after the whistle and the play was dead, Jordan Phillips bumped Allen. 

Something snapped in Allen, and he immediately turned around to respond with a shove. 

It got a little bit out of control after that. 

You can see some videos of the incident below. 

Even in training camp and practices, it’s important to protect the quarterback at all costs, and it’s good that Allen stood up for himself. However, the second video shows a different angle that looks like Phillips may have accidentally bumped Allen as a result of his carried momentum.

Hopefully this incident does not become a distraction for the remainder of training camp. One can only hope that the Buffalo Bills move past this situation and come out on the other side: together. 

Choose Love. 

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