If you haven't heard about it yet, there are some that are saying that Damar Hamlin was never at the game on Sunday.  Josh Allen responded to that theory.

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The accident that happened involving Damar Hamlin was tragic.  There were people around the world that were pulling for the guy.  Now, there are some that are saying that there's someone who is pretending to be him.  They have a theory that he actually didn't pull through the accident and that they're trying to cover it up.

It was brought up to Josh Allen on his weekly segment with Kyle Brandt and it seemed to be the first time Allen had heard of it.  Brandt explained that it was a conspiracy theory that existed and asked him if he would like to "debunk that theory or maybe confirm it?"

Almost immediately Allen looked shocked.  His response was, "Yeah that's...that's stupid."


Then he seemed baffled that there were mainstream media outlets pushing it. The sources that Brandt named were Newsweek and the New York Post.

Since the game, multiple people have tried to debunk the theory, including Hamlin himself.



Allen broke it down.  He said:

"1) That was Damar's swag.  He liked wearing that.

2.) He was in the locker room pre-game, so...yes.  That was Damar.

He's Damar Hamlin.  That's our guy - our brother.  He was with us, pre-game, post-game.  He was up in the suite. With his family, his little brother. 100%.  People need to stop.  Stop this (expletive)."

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