While most Bills fans want to wave this one off as being impossible, Josh Allen is one of the betting favorites to lead the league in interceptions.

Most Bills fans wouldn't bet against their quarterback just out of principle.  However, oddsmakers are saying it's a possibility that Buffalo's QB1 could be the interception king at the end of the year.

Where did Josh Allen rank in interceptions in the 2022 season?

According to the NFL, Allen was in the top 3 when it comes to interceptions thrown with 14 (in the regular season - 16 games played).  He was tied with Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr and behind both Dak Prescott and Derek Mills who each had 15 on the season.

The biggest problem with Allen's interceptions in 2022 was where they happened.  It felt like a couple of them happened inside the red zone when we needed a score badly.  Before the 2022 season, it wasn't something that Allen did regularly.

It's something you hate to see because you never want to turn the ball over.  However, that stat can be a little deceiving.

Why is the number of interceptions a deceiving stat?

The number of interceptions that a quarterback throws is only a small piece of the picture when you're looking at stats.  If you want a better picture, you should really look at the percentage of interceptions thrown.

If a quarterback is throwing the ball more, there's more chance that he might throw an interception.  If you play a game like the New England Patriots played against the Bills in 2021 and you never throw the ball, your number of interceptions is going to obviously be low.

I'd prefer to see my team take a chance down the field if that's what the defense is giving them than to be conservative and run the ball any day.  Go for the score!

Josh Allen is a betting favorite to throw the most interceptions in 2023

With all that above being said, Josh Allen has made his way into the top three when it comes to the odds to throw the most interceptions in 2023 (+1200).  He is only behind Green Bay's Jordan Love (+1000) and Houston's CJ Stroud (+1000).

It's going to be a tough year.  The Bills will be taking on some tough competition.  But every year is different.  Just because a team was good last year, doesn't mean that it will be dominant again this year.

We will have to see it all play out once the season gets started.

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