The following story may be upsetting to some viewers.

As if winning the game wasn’t enough, Dolphins fans crossed the line on Sunday.

I know that the Bills Mafia can get a little crazy sometimes, but there is absolutely no way that we would gang up together and fight a guy in the parking lot. 

But the Dolphins fans had no remorse on Sunday – even though their team already secured the win for the AFC with a score of 21-19.

It’s unclear what started the brawl, but at some point after the game, a couple of Dolphins fans got into a fight with two Buffalo Bills fans that were wearing a Josh Allen jersey. 

The video was getting shared all over Twitter, and it is disturbing. 

Yes, the video is included in this article in hopes that someone can identify the Dolphins fans who displayed this absolutely gross behavior. 

Warning: viewer discretion is advised.

The Bills fans were thrown to the ground, while one of them was kicked in the teeth. The other person in the Josh Allen jersey attempted to break up the dispute, but someone in a Tua Tagovailoa jersey punched the Josh Allen fan in the head. 

The Josh Allen fan on the ground can be seen hugging the leg of the Josh Allen fan attempting to protect him from punches, and it was heartbreaking. 

And ugly, to say the least, and those Bills fans definitely got the worst of it. 

Good sportsmanship can be shown by a team’s fans, too. Let's be better.

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