It's about as hyped as it has ever been for the Buffalo Bills in Western New York.

For the first time ever, at least for my generation of 20 and 30 something's, the Bills are the Super Bowl favorites heading into a regular season.

That is largely due to their quarterback, Josh Allen. Along with the high-octane offense, number one-ranked defense from 2021, and the addition of key players, including edge rusher Von Miller.

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Allen has seen two tremendous seasons back-to-back and after his near perfect performances in the two playoff games from this past January, many regard him as one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the NFL.

All of that is why Allen is also a leading contender to be the cover athlete for Madden 23, which will be released this summer.

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady were on the cover last year, and while there are other worthy candidates, Allen is the popular pick to be the guy for this year's game.

However, if you have played the game for years, you know about its supposed curse.

Since Madden starting featuring players on the game in 1998, 16 of the 22 players who have been on the cover have had either injury-plagued seasons to follow, or disappointing seasons in performance.

The most famous examples being Garrison Hearst (1998), Marshall Faulk (2003) and Michael Vick (2004).

That's not to say that Allen will have bad luck if he is selected to be on the cover of Madden, but sports fans are superstitious in nature, and some (perhaps many) Bills fans want no part of this.

Do you care about the Madden curse? Would you want Josh Allen on the cover of Madden 23?

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