By now, most Bills fans have heard the story about why Josh Allen does his best to sign autographs for every kid.  But there are some people he passes over.

When Josh Allen was little, he was completely dissed by one of his favorite baseball players after waiting to meet him.  He never did say who that player was, but the memory has stayed with him.

He vowed that if he ever got to be a player that a kid looked up to, he would do everything he could to make sure a kid never felt the way he did when he was little.  He does everything he can to make sure that if a kid wants an autograph, he's got it.

But...that comes at a cost.  There are tons of fans.  Not everyone can get one.  If you got passed over by Josh Allen at practice or at training camp, it could just be because he thinks you're too old.

Yup...he'll skip adults to make sure that he can get to as many kids as possible according to PFT.

The other people he tends to avoid are the people who use kids to get autographs on items just so they can turn around and sell them to other people.

“There’s some, you hate to see it and you know it, and you can tell it’s not their item. It is what it is. . . . I pick out the kids. I do apologize to the adults. Kids are kinda what makes this go. I remember being that kid.” - Josh Allen to the Buffalo News

Can he sign every single thing for every single young Bills fan out there?  Maybe not every day.  But I don't remember seeing a player that has ever made such an effort to get to as many as he has.

So try not to be offended if you're a little too old and he skips over you.  He's just trying to get to as many of those kiddos as he can.

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