Professional athletes are usually looked at as role models, especially for kids. They might not know it but they play a huge role in children's lives who grow up watching them play.

Earlier this summer, Jamie and Christian Bell were involved in a car accident outside of Denver, Colorado; a crash that killed their father Nicholas, who was just 29 years old, according to WIVB. Both boys were injured in the crash.

Nicholas Bell was a Williamsville native and a Marine veteran. He was also a huge Buffalo Bills fan. His two boys are Bills fans as well and huge Josh Allen fans.

About a month ago, Josh Allen was made aware of the story and personally invited the Bell family for Sunday's home opener against the Bengals.

"For him to take the time out and kind of learn their back story and for him to personally say, pick a game that you guys want to go to, and I know when they’re there they’re going to be so excited,” said Torrey Bell, their mom.

Not only did the family get to go to the game on Sunday, but they got to meet Josh Allen.

I couldn't even imagine what this family has been through the past couple months but it's incredibly heartwarming that Josh Allen decided to invite the family to the game and meet them.


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