It's hard to believe that Christmas is less than two months away.  But if you're already thinking of how to decorate your tree, this tree topper would be perfect.

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There are two types of people in the world.  The ones who wait until after Thanksgiving to start putting up lights and listening to Christmas music, and then there are the ones who start the second the first pumpkin spice latte gets sold at Starbucks.  If you are the second type of person, then we are in crunch time already.

The Christmas season is essentially underway and people are already starting to think about their decorations.  Take this Bills fan for instance.  You may recognize her.  Jess used to work on WYRK in Buffalo.  She's moved out of town but she still reps the Bills and she's found the perfect tree topper already:

Yup...that's the picture of Josh Allen with a piece to fit right on the top of your tree!  You've already seen him jumping over just about everything on the planet.  Why WOULDN'T you want him to also hurdle your Christmas tree?

While it might look like a joke, you can actually buy them!

This person even used it for her pumpkin.  Two holiday use!

While they never mention in the thread where you can buy these things, I did look for them and found them on Etsy.

If you're a very religious person, you're probably not going to read the comments.  Some of the comparisons of Josh Allen and Jesus might make you a little uneasy.  But if you simply celebrate Christmas as a season of good will and giving, this could be a perfect addition to your holiday traditions.


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