There is no better QB in the NFL that reps the City that they are playing for better than Josh Allen. He just gets it. It is like he naturally has become one of us. He like Labatt, chicken wings and blue cheese and the best part is he loves to drop Buffalo references all of the time.

If you missed it earlier, he was on Like A Farmer podcast talking about bringing a Super Bowl home to Buffalo, New York.

While doing so, he was repping a Wayland Brewing t-shirt, the sweet, new brewery out in Orchard Park. If you haven't been yet--you're missing out. It is the coolest new hot spot in Western New York. Check out some of the pictures below.

Where is it?

Wayland Brewing Company

3740 N Buffalo St, Orchard Park, NY 14127

There is nothing else like it.

This place is huge. There is a grove outside that has this wood-rustic theme going, an atrium, a brew house, and then another stationary square bar set up in the original VFW building that the property sits on.

We went over the weekend and there had to be 500 people there. It did not feel like there were 500 people though because there were so many different areas.

The owners.

The owners are the same ones that own The Grange in the Village of Hamburg. I was impressed that there was this

Take a look at the pictures from Wayland Brewing below.


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