A lot of people just got engaged over the holidays.  If you were one of those people and you invited Josh Allen to come, your DJ better have this one.

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Weddings can be tricky.  There's no doubt you want to tear the roof off of your venue but at the same time, you know there's family there.  The last thing you want is your maid of honor getting crazy on a chair while your grandma is trying to have her cake.  But then again...maybe it's the first thing you want.

A lot of people invite their favorite actors and athletes to their weddings hoping that they might just randomly drop in.  I'm sure Josh Allen gets a ton of invites every summer.  Sadly, I'm sure he normally has a pretty full schedule.  But what if he did come?  What would he do?  Would your guests be cool enough not to bother him?  Would he like the food?  Would he stand in the corner or would he actually get out on the floor and have some fun?

Kyle Brandt asked him that question on his weekly podcast called "Kyle Brandt's Basement."  If he really wanted to break it down on the floor, what song would he choose?

In the past Allen has talked about his pre-game music choices and they aren't what most people would expect.  While most players choose songs to get hyped up, he chooses artists like Frank Sinatra and others that will help him to chill out a bit before taking the field.

This song choice is a little different than that.  The one he chose is called "Get Low" by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz.

And he's 100% right.  Some songs work every time.  That's definitely one of them.

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