Josh Allen is still finding ways to make a day for young fans in Buffalo...and New England.

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Last night The Buffalo Bills traveled to New England to take on the Patriots in their stadium.  It was a win that they definitely needed.  They hadn't won a game in their division yet this year, but they found a way to take care of business and get it done.

After the game, Allen had plenty of things to do.  There are always post-game interviews and press conferences that he has to be at.  And last night he spent a lot of time with the crew from Amazon Prime after the game was over.

But he still took the time to make the night complete for a young fan who waited until the very last minute for a brief encounter with a star quarterback.

Matt Bove was able to capture it for the world to see.

Imagine how cool that must have been for that kid.  He has school the next day.  The game has been over for a while now.  The rest of the stadium has gone home.  You're begging whoever it is that brought you there to let you stay just five more minutes because you just know that he's coming out.  Then just as you decide to hit the parking lot to sit in traffic for a while, out comes the guy you've been waiting for.  He's wearing a jersey of another beloved Buffalo quarterback and as he's headed over to his other obligation he hears you scream his name and he tells you to come over.  Without even a minute of hesitation, he stops what he's doing and comes over to sign a football for you.

It's something that seems so little (and really in the big scheme of things, is) but means so much.  That young fan was probably beaming on the way home and he can't stop telling his friends about it today.

In a world of overpaid, arrogant athletes, Josh Allen is doing his best to stay humble and remember what it's like to be a young fan.  It's one of the things we love the most about him in Buffalo.  This guy is continuing to make new Buffalo Bills fans every day.

Allen has vowed to never let a young fan feel the way he did when he was young and waited for a professional athlete to acknowledge him as a kid and you can tell that he makes every effort to come through on that.  The question is, how long do you think he will continue to do it?

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