The Buffalo Bills are the talk of Western New York, and let's be honest, they have been since 2019 when the team went 10-6 and had a season that left Bills fans satisfied where the team was at from a talent standpoint.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen is the biggest reason for that. Allen's so popular in Western New York, he's gotten endorsements, commercials, and even his very own cereal called Josh's Jaq's.

After practice on Wednesday afternoon, Allen was asked about how surreal everything has been and doing all of this stuff off the field, like getting his own cereal.

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Josh mentioned the fact that he grew up eating Apple Jacks as a kid. Josh's Jaqs + Apple Jacks?

Apple Jacks were one of my favorite cereals as a kid, and if I'm being truthful, they still are as an adult. There's something nostalgic about Apple Jacks now and it's really cool that was one of, if not, Allen's favorite cereal growing up.

I still have a box of Flutie Flakes in my office, and of course there's Terrell Owens'  T.O.'s.

The Bills will travel to Jacksonville this Saturday for a 1 pm kickoff on Sunday against the 1-7 Jaguars.

Right now, the Bills might not have a few players for the game, such as tight end Dawson Knox, tackle Spencer Brown and guard Jon Feliciano, who is week-to-week according to head coach Sean McDermott.

The Bills offensive line has not been strong in the run-blocking game, so that will be a point of emphasis against the Jaguars. The Jags haven't been good on defense against the pass either.

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