The talent in Nashville is overwhelming. There are so many amazing singer-songwriters and the awesome thing about nowadays, vs. 20 or more years ago, is that we have streaming, digital sales and YouTube to create exposure for new artists.

That's the case for singer-songwriter Kameron Marlowe.

Marlowe signed a record deal with Sony Music Nashville in June of 2020, but he released his song "Giving You Up" in 2019 and the song exploded on streaming services and eventually YouTube.

As of now, the music video from the spring of 2020 had over 30 million views and it's a song that his fans absolutely love. It officially became Kameron's second-career radio single in late summer of 2021 and climbing the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Kameron is the latest guest on the "Nine O'clock News" with WYRK. Kameron talked with Chris Owen about "Giving You Up," his introduction to country radio during the height of the pandemic, and working with people like Dann Huff and Jessi Alexander.

You can listen below.

Kameron has a new song this fall called "Steady Heart," which he wrote when the pandemic first started and admitted that it's probably his favorite song of his. He also mentioned how there will be more new music soon, but couldn't say anything more just yet.

Thanks to Kameron for taking some time out with us!

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