As the COVI pandemic continues, more and more places are finding it hard to conduct business based on the rules and guidelines that New York State has directed.

A popular bar in Kenmore has been shut down after it was found to not be in compliance.

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According to reports, the Village Line on Kenmore Avenue wasn't requiring customers to buy food when drinking alcohol. An investigator visited the bar July 24th after getting a tip saying food wasn't being served. When the investigator asked for a menu, they were told to go next door and get a pizza to bring back to the bar. That's a violation of a 1964 law requiring taverns to sell food.

This comes just a few days after a debate over whether or not chicken wings are considered a meal? New York States Governor claimed that it was not good enough to serve only wings to someone who was drinking. Most Buffalonians disagreed with that claim.
As August begins and we look ahead to fall, there are many unanswered questions. The NFL is still trying to figure out a plan for the upcoming season. As of Friday morning, 5 Buffalo Bills players have tested positive for COVID.

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