Sure, the arena has a roof, but a band managed to make it snow in Buffalo like it never has before: inside KeyBank Center.

You may be wondering how this is possible…so are we. However, if any group of musicians would be the ones to make it happen, it would be these three!

What Band Performed At KeyBank Center?

The Jonas Brothers were at KeyBank Center last night on Monday, November 27. If you have never seen the Jonas Brothers before, the show was really unique because they have a really talented crew of supporting vocalists, a full band with trombonist, saxophonist, and more,  and they even performed a few holiday favorites too – on top of their most well-known hits! 

When Was The Concert?

The concert started at 7:00 PM with support act Lawrence. The Jonas Brothers took the stage around a quarter after 8. 

How Did The Jonas Brothers Make It Snow?

A few weeks ago, the Jonas Brothers announced that they would be performing some of their favorite Christmas songs on tour (including their famous hit “Like It’s Christmas”). 

When the Jonas Brothers started to perform Christmas tunes, the snow started pouring down. 

Take a look at the totally Buffalo concert moment below. 

When in Buffalo, you have to have some snow…right? 

The Jonas Brothers also talked about the pain of having a concert on – what should’ve been – a Victory Monday. Nick Jonas told us that he and his brothers were watching the game against Philly as part of Bills Nation, and he thinks that if any team can turn it around, it’s the Buffalo Bills. 

Let’s Go, Buffalo! 

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