After a Sabres or Bandits game or a big concert, we’re usually anxious to book it out of KeyBank Center to try and beat the crazy Buffalo traffic. 

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But more often than not, it really doesn’t matter how early you leave the action - hundreds of other fans probably had the same idea as you, and you’ll be stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic around the arena regardless.

That’s why we think what this popular TikTok star did at the end of a recent Sabres game is kind of brilliant - should we try this next time we go to an event at KeyBank Center?

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

Popular TikTok Star Paid A Visit To Downtown Buffalo

People can go viral on TikTok for doing admittingly stupid things. But as sports fans who love to attend games in person, we think what this guy does to make him stand out on the app is pretty genius.

TikToker GFed (@gfedgocrazy) has a massive following thanks to two simple things that he attempts at stadiums around the country. 

The first is what he calls his “Walk On Challenge,” where he attempts to get onto the field during various D1 football games. His 230+ thousand followers love to see if he can actually succeed, and/or how long he can last on the field before he gets kicked out.

The second challenge he’s known for (and the one he attempted after last Thursday’s Sabres/Flames game) is to see how long he can stay at an arena before security kicks him out of the building.

So how long did GFed manage to stay at the arena after the game was over? 

TikTok via @gfedgocrazy/Canva
TikTok via @gfedgocrazy/Canva

You’ll Be Amazed How Long TikToker Stayed At KeyBank Center After Sabres Game

It’s seriously shocking to see the amount of time GFed managed to stick around after the Sabres game was wrapped up.

As soon as the game clock hit 0:00 at the end of the third period, GFed started his stopwatch to see how long he could last inside KeyBank Center before he was forced to leave the premises.

After pointing out that much of the crowd booked it as soon as they realized the Sabres were going to lose (they fell to Calgary 4-3 last Thursday), he kept himself occupied by wandering the empty halls for a while, hanging out in the players’ family section, and spending time watching the post game show in the prestigious Lexus Club.

We can only shake our heads at some of his observations (like thinking the Sabres organ was a DJ booth and his confusion about the red and black colors - sigh), but a lot of the stuff he stumbled upon after the game was pretty funny.

Finally, security insisted he leave KeyBank Center, and when he finally exited the building, he had spent a whopping 45 minutes inside after the game. Holy cow! 

You can watch the full video below:

We doubt we’d be able to pull this off, or if we’d even want to (it seems like it could be kind of boring). But we know that he most likely had a smooth ride with zero traffic when he finally made his way home. 

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