It's shaping up to be an unusual Thanksgiving across the country with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting what is routinely the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

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New has come over the past week of stores announcing they will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

You can now add another popular store to the mix.

Kohl's has announced they will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

"The holiday season is when Kohl’s shines brightest, and as we move into the holiday season of this very unusual year, we are adapting our plans in response to changing customer expectations and behaviors,” said Michelle Gass, Kohl’s chief executive officer. “We are deeply appreciative of how our team of Kohl’s associates have shown up to serve our customers through this pandemic and know that they will continue to show Kohl's at our best throughout the holidays.”

Kohl's will be open for online deals on Thanksgiving Day, as well as deals leading up to the official kick-off of the holiday season.

Walmart, Target, and Kohl's might be the three biggest Thanksgiving Day shopping retailers out there, including here in Western New York, so this should tell us that hardly anyone will be open on Thanksgiving Day in 2020.

Even though we're still a few months out, there should still be the expectation that stores will have social distancing guidelines in place for the holiday shopping season, leading up to Christmas Day.

You can keep track of the stores closed for Thanksgiving Day 2020 here.

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