The Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia were in the spotlight during the 3rd round of the NFL draft on Friday night as a special guest announced the Bills' draft pick.

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From the NFL Network's Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt has been a vocal supporter of the Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia and was chosen to read off you the Bills drafted in the 3rd round of the NFL draft.

Brandt didn't disappoint as he showed up wearing Zubaz, a Josh Allen t-shirt, and a chicken wing in his pocket, which he downed after making the announcement.

 Yep...Kyle Brandt kept a chicken wing in his pocket leading up to the draft announcement and then slammed it down after the end!

It looks even better in slow motion!

Of course, Brandt has been with Bills Mafia for a while now and always shows the Bills love while on Good Morning Football.

The Buffalo Bills will be back at it this afternoon for rounds 4 through 7 of the NFL draft.

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