Kyle Brandt promised that he wasn't taking the honor of announcing one of the Bills' draft picks for granted.  Here's the length he went to to make it great.

Last week it was announced that Kyle Brandt from the NFL Network would be announcing the 89th pick of the 2022 NFL Draft for the Buffalo Bills.  Immediately there were some fans who were put off.  Not because he's not a fan, but more because he hasn't always been as loud about being a fan as he is now that they're good.  The main problem that people had was that there were people who had been a fan for longer.  People that had been through the really crappy years that maybe would have been a better choice.

But he went to great lengths to make sure that Bills Mafia knew he was serious.  What you saw was a guy who came out in a Josh Allen t-shirt that was covered by a Bills jacket.  He even sported a pair of Zubaz pants!  The final touch though was the wing that he took a bite out of after announcing the pick.

What's funny is how much he went through to make sure that that wing made it up on stage.  He told the backstory that we didn't get to hear this morning to explain how much it took to get it there.

I mean...come on...the guy even sauced the wing and put it in his pocket to make sure it was as legit as possible.  I know that there were other people who could have announced this pick, but honestly, would anyone else have paid attention to that much detail?

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