We have roughly five weeks left of winter, but as we know here in Western New York, winter actually lasts the entire month of March.

It's been a brutal winter, especially from November onward. Yes, November is not winter (technically), but it is for Buffalo.

Two historic snowstorms have made everyone in Western New York sick and tired of the snow and cold. 4-6 feet of snow fell in parts of Erie County in November, which took over a week to even clean up. Then the Christmas weekend blizzard, which took the lives of 50 people and ruined all Christmas plans for residents. Both storms also caused damage.

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It was rather quiet in January, but some cold and snow for the start of February. It's been an odd winter season and that can be seen on Lake Erie.

Lake effect snow is driven by an unfrozen Lake Erie; that's why those big lake effect snowstorms take place in November, December and early January, when the lake is open and warm. Normally, the lake is at least partially frozen by mid-February...but Lake Erie right now is completely unfrozen.

Check out this incredible satellite view of Lake Erie, which we can finally see after some sunny days.

We likely won't see any horrible lake effect snowstorms the rest of the winter, but the lake effect snow possibility is there with the lake still unfrozen.

Lake Erie's location and shape makes it a perfect lake effect snow machine, which has helped the City of Buffalo get its reputation of a snowy city.

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