It happens more often than it should. In neighborhoods all across Western New York there are battles over where to put snow that has fallen in the driveway or on the sidewalk. One homeowner in Lakeview has decided to openly ask that others don't use his yard for a snow dump area.

On our way to dinner on Thursday evening, I snapped a picture of this sign (one of a few signs) on a front lawn near Route 20.

Neighbors tell me that the issue is plow operators pushing snow from one driveway to the other side of the road on to front lawns.

According to the New York law:

....This is a dangerous practice and it is strictly prohibited under Section 1219 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law and Section 214 of the New York State Highway Law.  Depositing snow or ice onto the roadway or shoulder may result in a serious accident and the person or persons responsible may be liable to a fine of $1000.00 per day, per occurrence for each day the occurrence remains uncorrected.  Police agencies and highway agencies will issue written warnings prior to issuing tickets.


Lakeview sign
Lakeview sign


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