Ok...maybe they weren't THAT scary.  But did you see these guys on your way to/from work yesterday?

On a normal day, if you saw some fierce carnivores that have been extinct for years on your way to work, you would probably be horrified.  But these ones were just there to make people smile...we think.

The Southtowns Scanner shared the video evidence on their Facebook page:

Obviously, it's a couple of people in dinosaur suits hanging out on the corner of Route 5 and Dover in Lake View just hoping to make someone's ride a little better.

The best part though was in the comments section.  While normally you don't want to read the comments, these ones were pretty good.  They were filled with people asking why they were there and others who chimed in with their own theories.

"Looking for pizza" - Tony Leonard Jr.

"Those are Fisher cats" - Robert Walter

"Are we getting a Dinosaur Barbecue?" - Terri Schmitter

"It’s a dance party" - Linda Loiacano Manzella

Tons of people tagged their friends to see if it was them.  Evidently, it's a pretty popular thing to see across Western New York.  A bunch of people mentioned how many other places they've seen people do the same thing. For the most part though, people were grateful for whoever these two dinosaurs were that decided to make everyone's day a little brighter.

Who it is will remain a mystery for a while.  For now, we'll just enjoy the fact that someone took time out of their day to make us all smile.


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