People in the south towns are on edge as car break-ins continue in towns like Lakeview, Eden, and Hamburg.

You do a lot in your car.  Obviously, it's what gets you to and from work.  But it also takes you to family events, to the fun stuff (which we all need around this time of year in Western New York), to the grocery store, and lots of other places.  If you work out of your vehicle, it might hold your tools or other equipment you need to do your job.  Essentially, a vehicle can be your lifeline. So when someone threatens to take that from someone, they tend to get nervous.

Last week there were reports of multiple vehicle break-ins and thefts in the Eden area.  Cars were broken into and some taken right out of their driveways.  One of those vehicles belonged to a family with a son who with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.  In that truck was the young boy's special car seat so they could take him places more easily.

This past week, people were claiming on social media  that their cars were broken into in Lakeview and there were more in Derby.

It's always felt incredibly safe to live in the south towns.  But evidently, that's less and less the case these days.  Obviously, authorities are reminding people to keep their vehicles locked and to never leave valuables in their vehicles.  Most importantly, do not leave your keys in or near your vehicle.  It feels like something obvious that shouldn't need to be said, but it seems to be something that many of the victims are saying they did.

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