This isn't the first time in Lancaster that this has happened recently. In fact, attempted burglaries and people trying to break into homes have been caught on camera a couple of times.

Those are the only times we see footage.

Imagine all of the other times we don't see.

My car was broken into while it was in my driveway and even though, only 5 bucks was taken, I called the police to make a note that it had happened. It has gotten out of control in Lancaster and someone needs to get caught. This is a reminder to be aware as best you can and to always lock your home. Cameras aren't a bad idea either.

According to WGRZ, they talked to the owner of the house:

Lancaster police told me an actual crime hadn't been committed yet but they promised to step up patrols in my neighborhood and I have seen more police cars coming up and down the street," she said.


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