For those who love a good, cold beer and a farm-like setting, there is some good news as a large brewery is being built in Western New York State. The owners of Farmcraft Brewery have started construction on their new event center that is located in Sheldon, New York.

The craft beer craze is still alive and thriving. In fact, it was just a few weeks ago that Buffalo On Tap, New York State's largest craft beer festival took place at the Buffalo-Niagara Convention Center. With over 150 different beers and dozens of breweries, it was a massive event that showcased some of the best beer New York State has to offer.

Seeing the popularity of these beers and the need for a new spot in Wyoming County, this new brewery and event center is not only in a great location, it is going to be a great destination.

Massive New Brewery In New York State

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While we have not heard about and official opening date, it sounds like the plans are calling for a large space!

According to the report filed by Wyoming County:

Farmcraft has plans for the construction of a 9,600 sq. ft. 2 story wood framed barn style building.An expansive 3,600 sq. ft. concrete patio with a 29 ft. diameter stone fire pit, additional “silo” bar pouring drinks on the patio, a 3,700 sq. ft. production brewing space and barrel aging section. Farmcraft Brewery expects to create 12 new jobs over the next 3 years.

New York State brewers will be getting ready for the New York State Craft Beer Competition that will be taking place in March.

Open to all 500+ licensed breweries in New York State, NYSBA is expecting to receive over 1,200 beer submissions, making it the largest state-level craft beer competition in the country.

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