There are few things to be more proud of than your last name.

Your family is first and foremost and of course, your favorite sports teams and hometown, but a last name is one of those identifying things about any person and if someone ever makes fun of a last name, it sparks emotions inside of us.

While popular first and middle names have changed over the years, last names really have not over recent memory. They're passed down generation to generation and the cool thing is many last names are so unique.

There also are last names which may get a bit tedious, in trying to tell people how to spell it correctly time and time again.

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However, just like almost anything in life, certain last names are more popular than others.

Have you every wondered what the most commonly used last names are?

Ancestry compiled the most popular surnames in each and every state, which is a cool way to look at which last names are the most commonly used in every region of the country.

For instance, in California, the most common last names are Garcia, Hernandez and Lopez. In Tennessee, the most common surnames are Smith, Johnson and Jones.

What about New York? Which last names are the most commonly used in this state?

You probably have some guesses of the most commonly used last names. Here are the top three commonly used last names in New York State.

Three Most Popular Last Names in New York State

The most popular surnames in the State of New York.

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