Hey, this Dave Fields and I am the new guy you will hear every afternoon from 3-7pm on WYRK. I was born and raised in West Seneca, and it is good to be back in Buffalo, but if you knew me way back when you may know I have a secret.

Most people who grew up with me in West Seneca and went to school with me at West Seneca East will know me as Dave Kurowski, not Dave Fields...Yes, my secret is that I changed my last name about 15 years ago.

Before you go and think I am on the run from the law for the mob, it has nothing to do with that. When I married my wonderful wife Elizabeth in 2002, she kept her maiden name. But the problem came when our son Avry was about to be born.

Elizabeth didn't want to change her name to Kurowski and we didn't want to have our son with a different last name then one of his parents, so we decided to change our last name to Fields.

Now the interesting part is where Fields came from...It is actually my old college drinking name. You see, my buddies and I played a game where if one of met a girl, they had to introduce us by our fake names and if they messed up they would have to buy us a drink.

Well, my fake name was Flint Fields. Why...I have no idea expect that it rhymed with my buddy's fake name Clint Clark.

So, when I proposed "Fields" as a last name, my wife loved it and now we are the Fields' family!

BTW, I did try to get my wife to let me name our son Flint, but she said no way...so that now is his middle name!

It is good to back in Buffalo, and amazing to be on WYRK and I look forward to spending every afternoon with you!


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