Having the opportunity to speak with the stars of country music is definitely a perk of what I do. Getting a chance to speak with a guy who was just named Entertainer of the Year for the sixth time, that's like winning the radio guy lottery.

Garth Brooks is by far the easiest celebrity to talk to. he goes out of his way to connect and be focused on the questions and delivers some of the best responses. I got a call from Garth Brooks who is on a bit of a radio tour to inspire stations to play his current hit "Ask Me How I Know." As of Tuesday morning, the song was in the top 5.

I asked Brooks about the song. I also inquired about the possibilities of Garth ever doing a rodeo collection? It would be an album filled with nothing but music about the cowboy way of life.

Garth was more than open to the idea. In fact, he went on to say the if there was ever a movie that captured the history and life of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) stars, he would love to record the soundtrack!

Hat's off to Garth. Even after all of his awards, money and fame, he still makes time for small town radio!

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