How can you not love this song?

American Idol alum Kristy Lee Cook put this song out as her single, and the song also appears on Randy Houser's latest album. What do you think of "Wherever Love Goes"?

One thing we know will always stay the same
Is things change, and love is no exception.
Oh, sometimes it's just the world it turns so fast
And just like that, you're losing your direction.
Oh, but I won't lose you
You can't lose me
We'll find our way together
Wherever love goes
Whatever it takes
Through good and bad, I've got your back
I'm all the way
Wherever love moves
You're never alone
I'll move with you
And baby I'll move with you too
Wherever love goes
Let's close our eyes and walk out on that wire
Into that fire, I know we can make it
Oh, and I've got all the faith we'll ever need
And I believe (oh I believe), that chances are for taking
There's no limit
There's no too far
We'll say a prayer and follow

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