One famous Youtuber visited Buffalo, New York this week, and he wasn’t afraid to tell us how he really feels. 

It happened at WWE Monday Night Raw, which came to KeyBank Center this week. It is one of the biggest shows on the WWE Network! For more than 25 years and more than 1000 episodes, RAW has made the WWE Universe roar with excitement with so many action-packed memorable moments. 

And this was definitely a moment we will not forget from Monday Night RAW. 

Logan Paul was featured in the ring on Monday night, and he didn’t shy away from taking a jab or two at Buffalo before he started swinging. 

“Alright Buffalo, I’ll make this quick,” Paul said. “Because I don’t want to be in this crap city any longer.”

Not the best opening line for a place that is extremely prideful in everything Buffalo stands for. 

Nope…we did not like that. 

In the WWE, there’s a lot of trash talk that goes on, so maybe Logan Paul was saying those things just to get in Ricochet’s head. Regardless, he still called Buffalo “a crap city,” and that is far from the truth. 

Who Is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul became famous on the video-sharing app Vine, where he gained millions of followers. However, when Vine was discontinued, Paul focused more on his YouTube channel, and now he is one of the most-viewed channels on the platform. 

How Did He Become A Wrestler?

Logan Paul actually has been a wrestler since his college days. Paul made it onto his Division 1 school’s wrestling team, which is an impressive feat. 

After wrestling in the famous WrestleMania 38, many people noticed Paul’s agility and strength. Eventually, this is how Paul got signed into the WWE. 

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